Multi-purpose life

You Have Greatness Inside Of You!!

The only moment that counts is Right Now.  Not yesterday because that’s gone and tomorrow is not here yet.  That leave us with Right Now and what are you doing to make your reality a better one? 

Amazing Things for You

Websites Created By Leopold: MuseLaa, MuseLaaFit, La3cloudconsulting & Black Majestic. |Leopold created the brand called MuseLaa and wants to to create apparel, sports nutrition and a community that inspires athletes, people and culture. |Leopold created Muselaa Fit to help people become the best versions of themselves through fitness. |Leopold created LA3 Cloud Consulting to manage websites, create brand development with apparel and to stay relevent with technology. |Leopold came up with the idea Back Majestic as a social media website like Facebook.  He wanted to make sure he created a platform where people can network, be who they are and work towards becoming a better them!!

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Faces Of Sports

Leopold has an eye for art creating this collage of athletes and coaches who have paved the way for athletes today.  

Leopold Ashley III grey up competing in sports.  Ranging from baseball, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, basketball and football.  His love to compete took him to the University Of Saint Cloud in Minnesota to play college football.  Leopold competed in Semi Pro Football in Minnesota where he had a 7 year career and making 2 All Star teams.  Now you can find Leopold going into his next phase as a Tech Entrepreneur where he has built a number of websites that he also manages.  He’s also a coach and spiritual advisor, this guy is always busy and always knows where he’s heading in life.  Feel free to reach out through my contact page.   

This thing we call | Life | Reality | Right Now |, is undefeated.  No matter your circumstances you were born with, it’s your job to make the best of it.  Some people are born with ridiculous, some people don’t even have enough money to put a meal together.  The thing about this life is, no matter how rich you are or how poor you are, we all are going through something.  We have loved ones who die everyday, we make good decisions and bad decisions that impact our future.  I always tell people to focus on where your going and focus on the person you want to become in this world.  We cannot control everything but we can control what we can control.